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    4th Wall Theatre Company Achievements

    Houston Theater Awards
    Best Play, God of Carnage
    Best Supporting Actor, David Matranga (Macbeth)
    Best Trooper, Philip Lehl
    Best Gem of a Theatre, Studio 101 (Home to 4th Wall and Mildred’s Umbrella)
    Best Artistic Directors, Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin-Lehl
    Best Lighting, Christina Gianelli (Saint Joan)
    Best Visiting Production, Saint Joan (4th Wall with Bedlam Theatre)
    Best Play, Lobby Hero
    Best Director, Kim Tobin-Lehl (True West)

    Program Affiliations
    Member of Houston Theatre Alliance
    Member of Theatre Communications Group
    Member of Houston Arts Alliance Pre-Incubator Program
    Member of Houston Arts Alliance Incubator Program, 2013 – 2016
    Member of Mid-America Arts Alliance Engage Houston, 2018 –
    Member of Houston Costume Collective
    Source theater company for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize
    Participant in Houston Arts Alliance Business Volunteer for the Arts
    Affiliate with United Scenic Artists of American and Director’s Guild of America
    On-Track to becoming a producing SPT Theatre with Actor’s Equity Association by 2019-2020
    4th Wall In the News
    “Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin-Lehl… [founded 4th Wall] with the intention of slowly building a strong, bold company that would mount courageous, if not outright audacious, productions. And they’ve done just that.” –Houston Press
    “[4th Wall] is devoted to quality writing, quality designers, and most of all, quality acting.”
      –Arts + Culture Magazine
    “[4th Wall is] notorious for producing new and relevant work in the Houston area...” “…[they] continue to bring taut, intense, and intimate dramas to Houston.” –BroadwayWorld.com

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? 2015-2016
    “Much of Albee's play depends on the ability of the actors playing George and Martha, and the performances of both Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin-Lehl, together and separate, are beautifully nuanced, flowing from vicious to tender, insecure to desperate, in the blink of an eye.” –BroadwayWorld.com
    “Thanks to Dean’s staging and Rigdon’s reworking of the Studio 101 space so that there’s not even an invisible line of demarcation between audience and staged living room, between safety and toxicity, this Virginia Woolf was the most immediate and visceral I’ve ever seen.” –Arts and Culture Texas
    Lobby Hero, 2016-2017
    “Lobby Hero was so well done I didn’t really want it to end, and I am hoping (however fruitlessly) for a sequel.” -Houstonia
    “Directed by Kim Tobin-Lehl and Jennifer Dean, LOBBY HERO is realistic and gritty with characters that are built from deep within. The play is an unusual blend of funny and deadly serious, a drama that realizes the moment when it's time for a laugh. It also speaks volumes about innocence and evil and the murky territory in between.” –BroadwayWorld.com

    True West, 2016-2017
    “An essential play that comments on everything from the difference between artistic and commercial success to the disappearance of the “Wild West” in both literal and psychological American landscapes, True West is a can’t-miss elegy for romanticism: Not only for the creative process unaltered by capitalism, but also for the romantic notion that our families might be with us, not against us.” –Houstonia
    “This tale of dual nature is given a ferociously funny and electrifying production at 4th Wall under the meaty direction of Kim Tobin-Lehl, who heads a cast expertly able to jump neck deep into Shepard’s simmering-to-a-boil world.” –Houston Press

    Disgraced, 2017-2018
    “…while Disgraced was the most-produced play in the American 2015/16 season, 4th Wall’s production was one of the few to be staged in such a small and intimate space. Having seen the original production on Broadway, I can say that this most certainly is a differentiating factor – for the better. While I liked the Broadway show, somehow something felt missing to me. …Being up close to characters, so knowingly or unknowingly conflicted, raised the stakes by a mile. It made the rawness feel more personal. It made the jabs more painful. And while the climactic violent scene, so brutally staged on Broadway to the extreme, was unfortunately toned down in this production, the show managed to feel more deeply violent than the original.” –Houston Press
    Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train, 2018-2019
    “JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN does what 4th Wall Theatre Company does best: explore valid, thought-provoking, true stories that linger on your mind for days following.” –BroadwayWorld.com
    “This is one of those shows that excels on so many levels, you don’t know who to give credit to: the writer, the director or the actors.” –Houston Chronicle
    “Kim Tobin-Lehl’s direction is flawless, and the performances are mesmerizing.” –Houstonia
    Pride and Prejudice, 2018-2019
    “Tobin-Lehl has controlled the chaos on stage… …to create a brisk, highly energetic production that moves with the singular grace of a well-trained dancer.” –Houston Press
    “This isn’t your parents’ Jane Austen—it’s better.” –Houstonia


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    4th Wall is a participant in Engage Houston, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance with support provided by the Houston Endowment.

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